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What is the US Visa Lottery?

Every year the US Diversity Visa Lottery/US Green Card Lottery awards 55,000 visas to individuals and families all over the world. All of the winners are issued a US Green Card to live, work and study in the USA. The US Visa Lottery Organization invites you to join the US Diversity Visa Lottery program.



Our Services:

  • Apply for the US Visa Lottery with one online application and apply for multiple years.
  • Simple registration within 5 minutes.
  • We Process your application individually and extensively while providing 24/7 Client Support every step of the way.
  • Our team manages all of the formalities and details of your application from submitting the application to the Green Card winning process.
  • Registration 365 days per year.
  • Winning notification by phone and email.
  • Processing of digital and analog photos.



  • The US State Department accepts US DIVERSITY VISA LOTTERY entries ONLY electronically through the ELECTRONIC DIVERSITY VISA ENTRY FORM.
  • Our offices at the US VISA LOTTERY are now accepting US DIVERSITY VISA (Green Card) applications online.


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Information US VISA Lottery Site US State Dept. Website

Registration Available 365 days a year

Yes No

Free of Charge

no yes

Registration Available now

Yes No

Sending photos by post mail and email

Yes No

Online support by expert representatives

Yes No

Update contact information at any time

Yes No

Submit your application yearly 

Yes No


How much does the US Visa Lottery Application and Processing Cost?

Participation in US Diversity Visa program is free. US Visa Lottery Organization charges a fee for our professional expertise we give you.

  • Fully serviced US Diversity Visa (Green Card) application with a personal USVL case representative assigned and available 24/7
  • Information check
  • Correcting of wrong or invalid data entered
  • International Language support, We can support you in your native language
  • Application Submission with the correct address and the ability to update at anytime
  • US Visa Lottery, insures that your application will not be disqualified from the process for any reason.
  • Photo Verification as required by the U.S. State Department


Please email us  your questions or review our US Visa Lottery Help page for answers.

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