Green Card Lottery Results-How would I know If I win?


All entries must be qualified to our eligible countries by the US Government. Those qualified entries will then be selected at random by computer. Winners will then be notified by mail to the address given or updated to Notifications are sent to the winners between April and July.


People who are not selected will not be informed. Anyone who is not notified was NOT selected by the US Visa Lottery. Please contact our office for further information.


If your country qualifies for the US Visa lottery then you are eligible to receive a Green Card allowing you to legally work and live in the United States. If you are a lucky winner then you, your spouse and your children will all win the US Diversity Visa Lottery.    


Applicants chosen for the Green Card Lottery receive a  letter to the address you have provided to the US Visa Lottery Service. The confirmation letter is mailed to the chosen applicants around July of the following year.


If you submit your application in the 2009 Green Card Lottery, the confirmation letters are to be sent by July of 2010.


We assist you with the interview process giving you a 100% chance to win the US Visa Lottery.





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