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The US Visa Lottery attracts people from all over the world! If you apply early enough this is the only program that can provide people with an easy and fast way to Work, Live and Study in the America. If you would like to apply for the US Visa Lottery you should read the following information and click on Apply Today.


The US Visa Lottery is available to begin in 2012 and is titled the DV-2014. The 2011 lottery called the DV-2013 was closed on 05th of November 2011. Notification for DV 2014 will be available online to the winners in May-June of 2013.  


Every year the US Visa Lottery offers 55,000 Green Cards to eligible countries from around the world. The existence of the lottery is to keep the diversity of the people who are working and living in America diversified.


An eligible country is defined by the countries listed on our website as per the information available from the American Government.  Those countries are subject to change depending on whether or not that respective country sent less people to the America within the last 5 years. 



All applicants can submit only one entry for this fiscal year 2012 (DV2014) along with your recently taken digital photo uploaded to the usvisalottery.net on our register page.


A currently eligible applicant must include digital photos of all of their children under the age of 21 years of age.  If the children do not intended to travel to America with the primary applicant they must also submit a photo for the verification process. Any Children carrying an American citizenship or lpr will not be eligible to apply and should not be included in the application.

Subsequent to the submission period ending the computers in the KCC will select nearly 100,000 applicants for an interview in their local US Embassy within their country of residence.


It is important to note that you will want to submit the entry as quickly and accurately as possible.  We will verify the photo sizing and the applicant details in order to assure that the application is successful in its initial goal of being admitted to the US Visa Lottery.  To do this visit our apply today page to complete your application for the US Visa Lottery.


If you have joined the US Visa Lottery Program then you will understand that the application process is much the same as the previous years.  Previously, the chosen applicants received their winning notifications through the normal post.  This year the notifications will be online.


Third world country people who need a way to immigrate to America legally view this opportunity as a present from God.  This is by far the simplest, and easiest program to live, work and study in the America.  Additionally it is possible to have good life in the USA without needing to qualify for the intense qualifications of other less educational qualification, within less time and with fewer expenses.  Many countries are eligible to apply.  For example all African countries are eligible to apply.  You can register for the US Visa Lottery by visiting this link.






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